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EcoVolt Solar will lease space on your roof for 20 years and install photovoltaic (PV) panels as a tenant-paid improvement. The tenants in your building can then purchase our rooftop-generated solar electricity and pay at a lower price than electricity bought from your local utility. You don’t need to require every tenant to participate. But for those that do, you’ll be paid a 10% “percentage rent” based on EcoVolt’s electricity income. 

There is no maximum dollar limit on the amount of rent we will pay. Moreover, if local utility prices go up every year, so will your rent payments from EcoVolt. EcoVolt Solar’s rent payments increase your building’s operating income, which increases your building’s market value. 

EcoVolt Solar Benefits All Commercial Property Types

  • Lease your roof to us for at least 20 years or more. We’ll upgrade it with a new solar electricity system as a tenant-paid improvement.

  • Every month, our solar PV system will deliver a portion of the electricity used by your building and its tenants. We’ll pay you rent equal to a straight 10% of the income we collect via the system. Why not earn money based on your tenants’ electricity consumption?

  • A Win-Win:

    • For Tenants: Your unit's solar electricity is priced at a discount to local utility rates so you aren’t overpaying just to be green. Moreover, your unit's solar electricity price is indexed to track local utility rates. 

    • For Landlords: When was the last time your local utility dropped its electricity price? If utility rates go up every year as usual, so will your roof rent income. In fact, EcoVolt’s roof rent payments per-year would increase by over 80% over the term of our roof lease agreement if your local utility pricing grows by 3% per-year. 

    • 24/7 Hassel-free Solar Electricity: We operate, service, and warrant your building's solar electricity system for the life of our roof lease (including extensions). We don’t make money if your system doesn’t work. So if anything breaks or performance dips, you can be sure we’ll correct the problem immediately. 

  • Increased Property Value: Your building’s market value is based on its income. Every dollar of additional income, from solar for instance, or from higher “green” rents, can directly improve your building’s market value. Get the benefit of a major capital improvement without the upfront capital cost.

  • Monthly Tenant Billing: Every month, a summary statement will recap your system’s electricity charges allocated to each tenant so you can bill the tenants for their solar electricity usage as part of their rent (and/or reconcile their solar bill when computing their CAM charges). For a small fee, EcoVolt will even invoice your tenants directly for you (under your name). Just sit back and cash their checks! Every quarter thereafter, we’ll send you a quarterly rent check based on the building’s solar electricity usage less our billing cost. 

  • For even higher returns, you can choose to own the solar tenant improvements as a permanent building fixture. We’ll repay your financing cost through much higher “roof rent” payment - earning you a high teens-IRR on your solar investment. 

  • Tax credits are available for real estate portfolios that benefit from them.

  • For those who value sustainability, tenants and you can display the We Use Solar Energy logo to communicate a sustainability commitment. 

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