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Our Mission: Make Solar Adoption a "No Brainer" Decision

We were founded with the goal to help solar “cross the chasm” so that it sells in the millions, not in the hundreds of thousands per year. We are the first company that makes solar pay.

  • We Install Solar at Our Expense
  • We Pay You Each Year To Use Your Roof
  • Your Home Saves Money On Its Electricity Bill Too!

EcoVolt Solar pays property owners for the right to install solar on their home or commercial rooftops. EcoVolt transforms solar upgrades from an emotional or moral decision into a purely objective financial calculation—and one that’s in your favor.

EcoVolt Solar makes solar adoption an absolute “no-brainer”.

How Can We Afford to Pay You?

We charge property occupants for electricity at a price pegged to track your local utility’s electricity rates. We then pay the property owner rent for use of their roof. If you live in a property, and you’re going to buy electricity anyway, it’s almost like Money for Nothing!

EcoVolt Solar can afford to pay you because our cost for generating solar electricity is less than your utility. We eliminate the cost for building and operating power plants in faraway locations. We eliminate the cost to transport that electricity over miles of wires until it reaches your home. And we cut out the middleman—your local utility. Instead, EcoVolt Solar harvests energy from the sun. We deliver that energy directly to your property from a power plant built on your roof. Because of our lower costs, we can afford to pay you 10% of our sales receipts as compensation for using your roof.

Features of EcoVolt's solar financing include:

  • No money down
  • Simpler financing terms than other options
  • Earn money for offering us your roof space
  • 24x7x365 monitoring to maximize system output
  • All regular maintenance and servicing included
  • Your yearly income grows in lock-step with local utility rates
  • Future property owners also get paid, increasing your property’s desirability

Our services are available for those who are:

Got a roof? Let us upgrade it with solar and start sending checks!

Why Wait?

Your roof should work as hard as you do. Put that roof to work! Think of the money you’ll make. Add value to your biggest investment, your home or commercial properties. A simply better way to go solar.

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Do You Have Additional Questions?

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