Martin Sances

Martin Sances, Advisor

Martin Sances brings over 18 years of legal and business experience to his advisory role at EcoVolt Finance. Martin is the majority owner in Solaris Technology Industry Inc., an online seller of solar panels and related components. He was previously General Counsel at PetersenDean, one of the largest residential solar installers in the United States. In that role, he is involved in pricing, component sourcing, marketing, financing, corporate policy setting, human resources, and other corporate functions. He implemented an e-signature program to enable PetersenDean solar clients to sign all contract documents via a salesman’s iPad. Mr. Sances has negotiated supply contracts with installation subcontractors and panel/inverter suppliers, financing contracts with banks and investment funds, distribution contracts with Clean Power Finance and other relevant partners.

Before entering the solar industry, Mr. Sances was Senior Counsel at Allianz and Firemen’s Fund. He performed all legal and litigation management functions including negotiation of the company’s Bloom Box contract with Bloom Energy. He was previously Deputy General Counsel at ABM Industries, the leading maintenance and facility servicing provider in the nation. Before moving in-house, he was an associate at two law firms: Vogl Meredith Burke.LLP and Curotto Law in California. 

Mr. Sances earned a B.A. from Colgate University and a J.D. from University of Wisconsin.

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