Brice Casebeer

Brice Casebeer, Solar Operations / Technology

Brice Casebeer is a founding partner of Stellavise where he uses his valuable development and construction experience to advise clients on critical design and construction decisions.

Mr. Casebeer’s passion for renewable energy led him to his first career role as a project manager for Ecoplexus Inc. in San Francisco, California. This experience provided Mr. Casebeer with the skills required to successfully manage all aspects of solar projects, including development, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Later, Mr. Casebeer joined Enertis Solar, a European independent engineering firm, and helped establish their first U.S. office. As the first American employee, Mr. Casebeer played an integral role in establishing the firm’s U.S. presence and credibility. As a project manager, he learned the essentials of solar project finance and the technical aspects that can disrupt a project’s financial viability.

Mr. Casebeer holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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