Andrew Rosenfeld

Andrew Rosenfeld, Advisor

Andrew has spent 26 years as an investor and operating manager in energy and chemical companies responsible for both short and long term profitability. Currently he serves as Principal of C14 Strategy LLC, his company that works with energy and chemical companies with various tasks related to execution of their business plans.

Andrew consults with and was President of American Sands Energy, a company with a proprietary process that extracts bitumen from oil sands at low cost with no long term effect to the environment.

Previously, over 13 years, Andrew developed a successful and proven track record as both a buy- and sell-side analyst for Citadel Investment Group, Impala Asset Management, Prudential Securities and Schroder & Company. While working at Prudential Securities, he was honored by Forbes and The Wall Street Journal for stock selection. His buy-side contributions led to profitable long and short stock transactions.

Andrew started his career as a chemical and petroleum-refining engineer, at companies including Marathon Oil and Koch Chemical International.

Andrew earned a B.Sin Chemical and Petroleum-Refining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and an MBA in Finance from The Kogod College of Business at The American University.

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