Add Solar To Your Home At Our Expense

Solar for Residential HomesOur Offer is Simple: We Will Pay You to Go Solar!

Own the roof over your head? Let us pay you to go solar.  By going solar today, it's possible to turn your unused roof space into a new source of income. 

Send a message to your local utility.   Take control of your electricity supply.   And do right by Mother Earth at the same time.

With EcoVolt Solar you benefit four times over. We are the only firm in the world with this offer:

  1. EcoVolt Installs Solar on Your Home at Our Expense  
  2. We Send You Checks Every Year For Use of Your Roof 
  3. Your Home Saves Money on Its Electricity Bill Too! 
  4. Plus, Your Property Value Goes Up Due to the Roof Rent and a Lower Cost of Ownership  

Here's how it works:  At our expense, we’ll pay to install a modern photovoltaic (PV) system onto the roof of your home (parts & labor included).  Your home will be upgraded with state-of-the-art, all-black panels  for a crisp, modern and high-tech look. 

As part of our service, EcoVolt's rooftop solar panels will supply your home with solar electricity. Your price for that electricity is pegged to float up/down so it stays at a preset discount to your local utility provider’s rates.  You get 100% green solar energy, enabling you to shrink your carbon footprint. And that solar energy will cost less, not more than your current electricity rates.  You don't pay extra just to be green.

There's more.  We’ll pay you an unlimited 10% cash payment each year  based on whatever proceeds we earn from your home's own electricity consumption. That's over one month of free solar electricity each year!  These cash payments work just like a cash back rewards card from your bank.  You'll get repaid a percentage of whatever solar energy you purchase each year.

Between your annual cash payments and electricity cost savings, solar actually makes you money!    Just lend us your roof.  You'll earn Money for Nothing!™  And unlike renting a part of your home through AirBnB®, you don't suffer from pesky guests. You have no maintenance chores.  EcoVolt Solar does everything for you.  We maintain, operate, and upgrade your home's solar system whenever it is profitable to do so. 

Here's a quick example of how much you can earn:

  • If your monthly electricity bill averages $200/month, you could earn over $750 each year!

To receive these benefits, no need to lift a finger. Just cash our checks.[1]    

Better still, EcoVolt locks-in your home's discounted electricity price and your annual cash payments for the next 20 years.  This has potential to increase your home's market value by $43.00 for every $1.00 earned yearly through EcoVolt.  And if you ever move, both EcoVolt's price guarantee and annual cash payments can transfer to the next homeowner.  They'll love getting Money for Nothing!®

Want to try before you buy?   Can't decide whether to buy the panels or just the buy the electricity?   With EcoVolt Solar, you can "try before you buy."  You'll consume 100% green solar electricity from day one and receive our roof payments every year.  We'll monitor and service the system to maximize your solar production.  After five years, and on every anniversary date thereafter, you can purchase the system from us if you like. You'll only pay the then-current fair market value for the solar components, not the full retail price we paid on day one.  Why pay retail?  Enjoy low cost, green energy now.  Cash our checks every year.  After the system price depreciates, then buy from us.  

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EcoVolt transforms solar upgrades from an moral decision into a purely financial one--in your favor!  We are the only company to offer solar with "no money down" and the all following benefits:

  1. One Month of Free Solar Electricity Every Year:  Your roof payments equal or exceed one month of free electricity each year.
  2. Assured, Not Just Projected, Savings:  EcoVolt's lower electricity rates are indexed to local utility rates, locking-in your savings.
  3. A No-Cost Way to Improve Your Property's Value:  EcoVolt grows your property's value two ways, via roof rent income and by lowering your cost of home ownership.

EcoVolt Offers Less Risk than All Other Offers

Would You Rather Save or Get Paid?™

Only EcoVolt promises guaranteed payments while others simply offer a potential for savings. Would you rather "Hope to Save" or "Be sure to  GET PAID"?

Here are the alternatives to EcoVolt if you want to consider solar from others:

1. Write a Big Check

Paying with cash offers the fastest returns, and you'll likely breakeven in about 8-9 years. But in the US, the average length of homeownership is 7 years. So if you decide to move before reaching your payback period, you won’t make your money back. The next homeowner gets cheap energy and you've overpaid.

In other words, this approach is risky.

2. Take Out a Big Loan

Using a solar loan isn’t much better. Solar loans are typically personal loans that encumber your credit. Because of interest costs, it can take considerably longer for a solar loan to breakeven – sometimes 15 or 20 years. Worse still, you’re 100% responsible for all solar maintenance and repairs if something breaks or wears out. Before selling your home, the loan must typically be repaid in full – whether you’ve made back your money or not.

Again – too risky.

3. Commit to Pay for Electricity at a Predetermined Price Schedule

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are another popular option. You receive a system for free (or almost free) and you pay a low fee per-kilowatt-hour for the clean electricity generated.

At least in the beginning.

After the first year, however, most PPAs increase your electricity price per-kilowatt-hour every year. You'll pay constantly increasing electricity rates – even if the price from your local utility stays flat. With many PPAs, the cost of your solar electricity will grow by as much as 4%. Your requirement to pay these increasing prices is contractually locked-in. Over your home’s 20-year PPA purchase obligation, your solar electricity price can more than double. Are you willing to gamble on how fast utility rates will grow in the future? What if your local utility’s rates rise slower than the growth in your PPA’s pricing? Your electricity pricing might be underwater.

Even riskier, what if you sell your home before your PPA’s 20-year electricity purchase commitment ends? You'll need to convince the next buyer to take over the remaining price escalation in your contract.

PPAs can carry some of the highest financial risks.

They add an extra liability to your home. This liability can make it much harder to sell your home quickly or profitably. According to a one study conducted by the US Department of Energy: [3]

  • 20% of potential buyers were “scared off” by the idea of taking over the remaining portion of an existing PPA contract.
  • 24% of homeowners experienced longer transaction times when trying to sell properties that used PPAs.
  • Of the homes that did sell, 7% lost market value because of their solar PPAs.

Don’t take risk with your home value. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Lower Risk With EcoVolt Solar’s New Rooftop Income Agreement

With EcoVolt’s Rooftop Income Agreement (RIA™), you don’t gamble on future electricity prices. We always adjust your solar electricity rates annually based on market conditions:

  • If your utility company raises its rates, we will too.
  • If it lowers its prices, we’ll lower ours.[1]

But unlike your utility company, we'll reward you with 10% cash back every year – for the next 20 years — just for letting us use your roof for solar.

And if you ever sell your home, you won't have to convince the next buyer to accept the ever-growing price escalation risk that comes with a PPA from SolarCity® or others. You won't have to prepay your solar loan out of escrow proceeds. Thanks to our Rooftop Income Agreement (RIA), the new home buyer simply takes over the benefits of your agreement. They get discounted electricity for their new home. (See RIA contract for details.)  They'll get cleaner electricity than from the grid. And best of all, they'll get yearly payments from us for the remainder of our commitment term.

We call it Money for Nothing!.  To recap:


  1. We Install Your Solar at Our Expense
  2. We Pay You Each Year To Use Your Roof
  3. Your Home Saves Money On Its Electricity Bill Too!
  4. These Benefits Add to Your Property's Value

To begin receiving these benefits, click the button below to contact EcoVolt today for a no-obligation solar quote.

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[1] See EcoVolt’s Rooftop Income Agreement™ (RIA™) for all the details on how our electricity pricing stays in line with local utility rates, and for important details on our cash back offer. All EcoVolt pricing is subject to a minimum price floor specified in each RIA Contract.

[2] Myers, Erica, Are Home Buyers Myopic? Evidence from Housing Sales, July, 2016, Computed based on data in Table 2, Page 30 with a 10% discount rate. Paper is part of the E2e Project  Working Paper Series. E2e is a joint initiative of the Energy Institute at Haas at the University of California, Berkeley, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago, University of Chicago.

[3] Arreola, Georgina, Timothy Treadwell, and Ben Hoen, Survey of Buyers, Sellers and Realtors Involved In San Diego Third-Party Owned Solar Home Transactions - A Qualitative Assessment., 2015, Published in December 2015 by the US Department of Energy, Policy Brief #LBNL-1003917, Citation Key: 60633

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