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Grow Your Solar Installation Business

EcoVolt Solar helps PV installers close more sales. We offer financing that is simpler, faster, and more profitable to sell. EcoVolt’s financing expands your customer’s financing options. EcoVolt helps you:

  • Attract more prospects
  • Simplify your sales proposition
  • Convert more prospects into sales
  • Grow your business

We offer a truly unique offering that isn’t available anywhere else. Now you can sell to those property owners who would otherwise say no. You can now sell solar to anyone who has a roof, pays a utility bill, and likes to cash checks. We call it Money for Nothing™!

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Why Partner with EcoVolt Solar?

Below are some of the benefits you'll receive by signing on as an EcoVolt Solar dealer:

1. More Sales and Faster Conversions

Become more profitable. We help you eliminate sales objections by simplifying your sales offer. Our unique selling proposition can help you open more doors and attract more customers.

2. Financing for Prospects Who Think Solar is Too Risky or Expensive

EcoVolt takes the risk out of solar adoption. We price our financing per-kWh at a price that is adjusted annually to track local utility rates:

  • If utility rates rise, our rates rise by a similar amount.
  • If utility rates fall, our rates fall by a similar amount.

We pay cash back rebates to your customer, so they receive locked-in savings every year.

By tying our rates to local utility rates, we eliminate the fear of paying too much. By paying cash back, we eliminate risk and lock-in customer savings. (See EcoVolt's Rooftop Income Agreement for details)

3. Guaranteed Income Stream for Your Customers — and You!

Our solar contracts create a guaranteed income stream – for both you and your customers:

  • Solar customers receive payments for allowing us to use their roof space. We pay them a 10% cash back rebate on the income we earn from their building’s solar electricity consumption.
  • We don’t just buy systems from you, we pay you an on-going performance fee to reward you for quality work. If the portfolio of systems we purchase from you overperforms its projected returns, you’ll earn up to $25,000 in added income per-year. You can earn as much as $500,000 in extra income over 20 years. What other financing partner is willing to pay you for your best work?
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We asked homeowners to rank different solar financing options based on desirability. And although some were attracted by the idea of saving money with a standard PPA, the majority preferred an EcoVolt agreement that offered roof rental payments. In fact, they chose this option by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.

Homeowners enjoy saving money. But generating additional revenue turns out to be far more enticing. Think about it yourself. Would you rather Save or Get Paid™?

EcoVolt Solar Financing Program

But this isn't the only reason to offer your customers an EcoVolt Solar Rooftop Income Agreement (RIA) instead of a typical Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

They also receive:

  • A free solar PV installation for $0 down.
  • 20-years of cash back payments for letting us use their roof.
  • A lower electricity price (per-kWh) if utility rates go down. [1] [2]
  • Larger cash back payments whenever utility rates increase. [3]
  • Hassle-free solar financing with fast approvals.

And, your solar installation team receives a dedicated account manager to help you close more sales and attract more customers. In addition, our online credit application process and instant approval allows you to close deals faster.

In other words, EcoVolt Solar can help you shorten your sales cycle and expand your business.

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Business Partner FAQs

QHow Do I Earn Performance Bonuses of Up to $25,000 Extra Per Year?

Like other financiers, we pay you progress payments during construction. Your final payment comes after we receive your system documentation and perform our acceptance tests.

But it doesn't stop there. Unlike other financiers, we continue to pay you part of our income every year to reward you for quality construction.

For full details on our performance bonus program, see your dealer contract with EcoVolt Solar.

QWhat PV Components Qualify for EcoVolt Solar Financing?

EcoVolt Solar will finance any solar PV system that uses tier-1 components on our authorized component list.

QWho Is EcoVolt Solar?

EcoVolt Solar is a consumer finance company that specializes in rooftop solar installations for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties.

QWhat Geographic Markets Does EcoVolt Solar Service?

EcoVolt Solar currently offers financing in select areas of California. Please contact us directly to see if you operate in one of our service regions.

QWhat if My Customer Wants the "Start Rate" Per-kWh in Their Rooftop Income Agreement (RIA) to Begin Below Their Current Utility Rate?

No problem. Some of your customers may insist on a discounted starting price per-kWh for their RIA. Others may want to receive the maximum cash back for use of their roof. Our pricing lets you satisfy both types of customers, depending on their needs. If a customer wants their RIA's electricity rate to be lower than local utility rates, that's not a problem. However, EcoVolt will be forced to pay that customer a smaller percentage cash back [4]. Regardless of whatever "starting rate" per-kWh your customers pay via their RIA, their RIA's pricing will adjust their electricity price up or down annually based on EcoVolt's local utility price index. If local utility rates go up, so will your customer's RIA rate for electricity. If local utility prices go down, then your customer's RIA rate will drop even lower.

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Sign Up Now to Begin Offering EcoVolt Solar Financing

Going solar is already a "no-brainer" for those who want to reduce their carbon footprints and have a long-enough time horizon to get a financial payback. But not everyone meets these criteria. With our help, the decision becomes easy for the rest of your customers.

As the installer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Uniquely attractive financing not available from competitors
  • Higher sales
  • On-going bonus payments to reward quality construction

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[1] EcoVolt’s price adjusts every year based on a utility price index tracking local electricity rates. See EcoVolt’s Rooftop Income Agreement for details.

[2] All EcoVolt pricing is subject to a minimum price floor specified in each Rooftop Income Agreement. Even if the local utility prices goes lower according to EcoVolt’s local utility price index, no customer’s RIA pricing will float lower than the pricing floor in each customer’s RIA. This pricing floor for any location depends on the local region’s utility rates.

[3] Assuming electricity consumption stays level or grows.

[4] Assuming no change in the amount we pay you to purchase the system.

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